Relationship Coaching

Would you like to see your relationships with your partner, family, friends, and everyone you come in contact with become richer and more rewarding? Bring joy to yourself and others! Our most fulfilling relationships stem from being authentic and fully present. Explore who you are and what you want. Find the confidence to define relationship goals, open up communication and set healthy boundaries.

You cannot change others, but you can change the way you think and the way you act and when you do, the dynamics between you and others will change as well.

Coping with Break-ups and Divorce

As your life coach, I can help you navigate difficult life transitions with grace and find the courage to move forward with renewed self-assurance and a sense of purpose. This is an opportunity to take stock, get creative and re-invent a new you. When children are involved, gift them a good divorce by detaching from anger and effectively co-parenting within a new family dynamic. Healthy co-parenting is challenging in the beginning but the payoff is huge for yourself and your children.

Behavioral Issues and Self-Limiting Beliefs

Let’s work together to discover, uncover and address behavioral issues which keep you stuck.

Explore, challenge and replace self-limiting beliefs, move forward with confidence and unlock your greatest potential.

Coaching for Leaders

Leadership coaching is about helping successful people become even more effective. Together we will take a fresh look at your approach, expand upon the things that are working for you and then determine what might be changed for peak performance.

Some of the things I have helped leaders with are:

  • Communicating
  • Managing “difficult” people
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Mentoring
  • Creating powerful teams
  • Changing company culture

Work / Life Balance

Often, we silo our personal and professional lives and rush from one to the other. Together we will step away from immediate stressors and take a more holistic look at your life. Find clarity about the life that you really want and determine the steps you need to take to reach balance and greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Career Challenges and Transitions

Few of us have professional lives which march forward in an upward trajectory without challenging circumstances, stressful professional relationships and forks in the road. We can choose to look at these challenges as obstacles or as opportunities. As your career coach I will help you set goals and take positive actions to advance your career whether within or without your present organization.