Sobriety Coaching With Darrall

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Sobriety Coaching

It is important to be aware that sobriety coaches have no medical training and do not diagnose or specifically treat addiction or mental health issues. When working together, our focus will be on developing and achieving current personal goals rather than on healing past trauma.

Sobriety coaching is most beneficial those who have gone through detox and additional treatment and desire continuing support to maintain their sobriety.

As a Sobriety Coach I have assisted clients with:

  • Learning positive coping skills to help avoid relapse especially when coming home from treatment
  • Developing strategies to deal with situations and activities that may trigger a relapse
  • Rebuilding and re-establishing important relationships
  • Practicing healthy relationship skills
  • Self-esteem and forward thinking
  • Strategies for coping with stress constructively
  • Anger management
  • Career transition and direction
  • Setting and achieving goals

As your sobriety coach I will bring accountability to your recovery journey and help keep you on track by offering encouragement and support. Together we will discover, uncover and challenge the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from your greatest potential.


Change the way you think, re-imagine your future and your actions and your life will change.