Healthy Divorce with Children

Although your marriage is dissolving, your role as a parent will continue and a good post-divorce relationship makes a huge positive contribution to raising mentally and emotionally healthy children.

To minimize the negative impact on your children, try to present a united front when you tell them about the divorce. As much as possible, let them know what to expect.

When you communicate with your ex-spouse, stay kid-focused and business like. Anger and recrimination may yield momentary satisfaction but they don’t advance your child’s well-being. If your goals include coming out of every interaction feeling good about your own behavior, you will greatly increase your success at building a relationship that works.

Keep your divorce cost effective and drama free by negotiating in good faith to reach an agreement that works for both of you. If each of you considers the agreement equitable as time goes by the challenge of working together will be that much easier.

Always put your energy into your own parenting and be supportive of your children’s need to love both of their parents. Find a way to communicate without placing your children in the middle and never disparage your ex-spouse in front of the children.

Having a good relationship with your ex-spouse may be challenging especially in the beginning but it can get easier as time goes by and it’s definitely worth the effort. Your children will thank you!