How is Coaching different than therapy?
A Coach works with people who are getting along well in their daily lives but are seeking even more fulfillment personally, professionally or both.
What is a sobriety coach?
A sobriety coach understands the process of recovery and is there to partner with you through your journey.
Is there a way for us to talk before I commit to Coaching?

Absolutely. I’d be happy to meet with you for a complimentary Discovery session. See my contact page for information.

How long is a typical session?
60 Minutes although an initial session may be longer.
How many times per month will we meet?
Many clients choose to meet once per week.

I have a seven-session option in which we meet once a week for the first month, every other week in the second month and once in the third month.

With that said, I do talk with each client about their needs and we develop a schedule accordingly.