Darrall Lamphier - Sobriety Coaching & Life Coaching

Darrall Lamphier

Life, Career & Executive Coach
Sobriety Coach
Certified Addiction Counselor

For most of my life I have lived in New England though currently my wife and I are enjoying our new adventure; living in the university town of Fayetteville, Arkansas at the foot of the Ozark mountains.

My experience includes working with a wide variety of clients in multiple settings. My clients have included a broad range of professional backgrounds from those struggling with a lack of skills to men and women functioning at the highest levels.

I have an entrepreneurial background in a small business setting. The skill sets that helped me thrive in that environment were creativity, leadership, team motivation, project management and client relationship building.

My coaching experience includes working with executives in both service and manufacturing industries. These clients share similar objectives, some of which are: uniting their organizations to achieve specific goals, strengthening teams, impactful communication, managing “challenging” people, finding clarity in their career path, work/life balance and dealing with work related stressors.

My background includes individual and group counseling with men and women facing consequences as the result of drug and alcohol addiction. All of my clients share the desire to learn how to nurture healthy family dynamics and repair strained or broken relationships with children, parents and significant others. Together, we focus on taking stock, building on current strengths and re-imagining personal and career direction. Goals are established and as an accountability partner invested in my clients’ success, I challenge and encourage clients to follow through.

My values include honesty and objectivity.

Clients who realize the greatest benefit are those who are willing to look at the present with an open mind and let go of old ideas. After looking at all options they find clarity and a new vision for moving forward.

My Approach

Having a coach that is not invested in any one solution is critical to getting un-stuck and moving in a new more productive direction. I will work collaboratively with you to re-envision your path. We will uncover multiple solutions to challenges and develop short, medium- and longer-term goals so that you see positive changes immediately. Finally, as your accountability partner, I will help you honor the commitments you have made to yourself.

Darrall has helped me through some confusing times in my life, while in treatment and after. He is very knowledgeable about different ways to cope with things and very easy to talk to. I have opened up to him more than any other counselor. He is amazing and will help you change your life if you give him the opportunity

– Linsey W.

I met Darrall in 2017 when I was 28, pregnant with my third child and addicted to drugs. I am so blessed that Darrall was placed in my life. We started from scratch. He helped me with things like writing out a schedule, parenting skills and finding a job that would accommodate a single parent. In addition, he was adamant about me finding out what I am passionate about and how to implement important goals in my life. Offering encouragement and “tough love” helped me in pushing through my fears to achieve goals. I will be sober for two years this month and if it weren’t for him, I don’t know where I’d be. Today I have a good job and will be attending college this semester. I am forever grateful for Darrall’s guidance. He has helped me see things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

– Stacy S.

Darrall’s unique ability to connect with his clients fosters a deep level of trust and understanding. He is genuine and it is obvious that he takes time to tailor his coaching to each individual and their particular needs. I would highly recommend Darrall to anyone seeking to improve any area of their life.

– Andrew S.

I met Darrall at the lowest point in my life. I was struggling with a failing marriage and a completely unmanageable life. I started working with Darrall as a Life Coach and have continued to do so off and on for over 15 years. The situations in my life did not get better, the marriage ended in divorce and I lost my great job, but I got better. With Darrall’s guidance I became able to face life’s disappointments with grace and dignity. My life transformed for the better when Darrall helped me to understand that I needed to change my outlook. Today I am retiring from a job I have had for over 16 years and I am in a healthy and loving relationship of 17 years. If you are willing to put forth the effort to change your life, I can think of no one better to help you achieve your goals.

– Chris C.