Darrall Lamphier

Life, Career & Executive Coach
Sobriety Coach

Coaching to Help You Define & Realize Your Goals

Life Coaching:

Re-imagine your relationships.
Live authentically and with joy.

Executive Coaching:

Work / Life Balance.
Career Transitions.

Sobriety Coaching:

Support for those in recovery.
Darrall Lamphier - Sobriety Coaching & Life Coaching

Darrall Lamphier

Life, Career & Executive Coach
Sobriety Coach

I have found life to be full of triumphs, adventures, setbacks and change. Times have been good and times have been challenging. I’m sure it has been the same for you.

My purpose as your Coach is to help you to look within, ask questions and find your best self. We will work collaboratively to uncover obstacles which block you, discover and explore new avenues for growth and set goals for a rich and fulfilling future. Life will still surprise you as it does all of us, but you will have the tools to negotiate change with grace and confidence.

As a Coach, I have assisted clients with:

Effective Personal Leadership Skills
Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with clarity and move forward with specific actions to enhance your leadership abilities.
Work / Life Balance
Step back and evaluate. Explore goals so that when you look back over the years, you will be content that you have spent your time wisely.
Career Challenges and Transitions
Reinventing ourselves and finding new direction can be invigorating, involving creative thinking and seeing things from a fresh perspective. Brainstorm multiple avenues for exploration, set goals, establish milestones and celebrate goal achievements.
Improving Interpersonal Relationships
Find your voice and be authentic in the context of all of your relationships; with your partner, your family, your friends and your business associates.
Coping with Breakups and Divorce
Find courage to move forward with renewed self-assurance and a sense of purpose. Anger and grief often accompany the loss of a relationship and fear of the unknown can be daunting. Get unstuck and create a new healthy and fulfilling life.
Behavioral Issues and Self-Limiting Beliefs
Overcome repetitive self-destructive behaviors and challenge self-limiting beliefs which keep you from your greatest potential.
Alcoholism & Addiction
Change the way you think and behave to help yourself triumph over alcoholism and addiction.
“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” -Ralph Marston

Let’s Work Collaboratively:

If you would like to achieve powerful changes in order to reach your maximum potential.

If you are ready to discover, uncover and address behavioral issues which keep you stuck.

If you want to navigate difficult life transitions with grace.

If you want to move toward emotional serenity, confidence and better relationships.

Complimentary Discovery Session

If you are new to me or to coaching, let’s meet for a free Discovery Session. We can talk about what you’d like to achieve and see if we are compatible. In that way, I will be more prepared to help you hit the ground running and you will feel comfortable that we are a good fit.

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